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Tips For Controlling Costs

All pricing is calculated on an hourly basis. To ensure maximum efficiency, be sure to communicate accurately your expectations for the finished product. 

  • Plan in advance and allow adequate completion time – rush projects always cost more 
  • Write legibly or speak clearly when dictating
  • Be sure names are spelled correctly
  • Double check all your arithmetic 
  • Organize your source materials logically and provide clear, written instructions 
  • Avoid last-minute revisions and additions

An additional method for reducing expenses is to perform your own proofreading. Simply request a “draft copy” of your project, mark your changes, and then return it to us for revision and final printout. This usually reduces costs by 10-25%, depending on the project.



The Office Will Be Closed

Dec. 24, 2012 - Jan. 2, 2013



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